“Hey, how are you feeling today?”

That’s the first question on the Intellect app. To answer, one needs to tap on the emoji that best reflects one’s state of mind, ranging from 😩 to 😄.

Feeling blah? The app will now offer recommendations. Do some reflection with a journal entry on the app, maybe? Or a sleep rescue session sleep rescue session Sleep rescue sessions Quick bite-sized support to help with poor sleep to help you get a good night’s sleep?


Sheila Chiang

Based in Singapore, Sheila began her career working in high-growth startups, including a venture-backed online fashion retailer. Fascinated by the startup culture and the rise of unicorns and IPOs in Southeast Asia, she seeks to tell compelling stories on their journeys from idea to exit. She was previously at DealStreetAsia reporting on startups and venture capital.

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