When Leren Reza, an Indonesian fashion entrepreneur in her mid-20s, launched Jizzy Hijab two years ago, there weren’t many premium local hijab brands in the digital space. But now, it’s a crowded field, she says. Even her signature printed hijabs have become an industry of their own. While Jizzy designs its own prints, many brands have emerged on the back of selling ready-made prints.

A recent decision by Shopee, though, is making her customers notice how her products are self-designed and self-manufactured. In May, the e-commerce arm of Singapore-headquartered consumer tech giant Sea Ltd announced that it will ban cross-border sales for 13 products, 11 of which are Muslim wear categories like hijabs hijabs Hijab Hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women.


Yunindita Prasidya

Based in Bali, Dita writes about Indonesia’s growing digital economy, including how technology is shaping the lives of young Indonesians and impacting traditional industries. She was previously a reporter at The Jakarta Post.

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