Bukalapak broke all Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) records when it went public on Friday. The Indonesian e-commerce newsmaker’s share price shot up by 24.71% in under a minute after the opening bell rang—immediately hitting the ceiling of the maximum stock price maximum stock price Auto rejection policy The IDX implements an auto rejection policy whereby after a stock rises or falls by a certain percentage within one day, the price cap has been set for the day. The IDX will automatically reject bids that go beyond that price floor or ceiling.


Yunindita Prasidya

Based in Indonesia, Dita is passionate about tracking the country’s growing digital economy. Her coverage is sector-agnostic—she has written about e-commerce, edtech, fintech, venture capital, and publicly-listed companies, as well as stories on careers and workplaces. She was previously a business journalist covering banking and the stock market at The Jakarta Post, Indonesia’s leading English daily.

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