Over 63% of Indonesia’s energy is generated by coal. And this number has only been growing since 2016. The country wants to move away from coal and towards renewable energy. Fast.

  • By 2025, it wants renewables to make 23% of its energy mix—as proposed by the 2017 National Energy General Plan (RUEN 2017). The RUEN is the government’s long-term energy roadmap.
  • Even more strikingly, Indonesia’s now aiming for a 48% renewables share by 2030. This, as per the 2021-2030 Electricity Power Supply Business Plan (RUPTL)—still in draft stage draft stage The details of this RUPTL—nicknamed the “green RUPTL”— haven’t been made available to the public.


Fidelis Eka Satriastanti

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Fidelis writes about environmental related issues in the country, from conservation, waste issues, energy, forestry and marine, to biodiversity for national and international media outlets. She is currently freelancing with previous works with The Jakarta Globe and The Conversation Indonesia. She is an active member of AJI Jakarta, an independent journalist alliance promoting journalist welfare and safety.

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