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Good morning,

Welcome back to Strait Up, our weekly newsletter that makes sense of what’s going on in Southeast Asia.

This week, we take a look at Indonesia’s plans to incentivise electric vehicle adoption with new subsidies. The country wants to have over a million electric motorcycles and thousands of electric cars on the road by 2024, but subsidies alone may not be enough to get it there.

In the Philippines, the BPO industry is sitting pretty with a robust rise in revenues after convincing the government to let employees keep their work-from-home benefits. But there’s already another bogeyman to worry about. And our final piece explores Malaysia’s worsening egg crisis. Price controls and rising feed prices are forcing poultry farmers to reduce production, but removing the caps may make things very pricey for consumers.

Let’s dive in!

Lead image credit: Ralph Hutter/Unsplash

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