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Wahyoo’s recipe to spice up Indonesia's traditional food stalls

Thanks Sameep. Those are good questions. What you said is right–one advantage for the warteg owners to go to the same market vendors is that can get credit. Wahyoo is replicating that too, so that warteg owners can pay later for the goods they order in certain cases. It's all happening via an app. The main feature is for ordering groceries/daily goods. But there's also a tool for financial planning, and a tool that helps warteg owners keep track of customers who have an "open tap" at the food stall

Nadine Freischlad

Kopi Kenangan wants to walk in Luckin’s path, not in its shoes

Thanks Jeffrey. I don't have insight on Fore Coffee. Starbucks Indonesia (PT Sari Coffee Indonesia) is part of PT Map Boga Adiperkasa (a business unit of the MAP conglomerate). Map Boga Adiperkasa's financial reports don't break out rveneue for the individual F&B brands under this umbrella. The total revenue was about IDR 3 Trillion (~USD 210 million) in 2019. Starbucks is the biggest and oldest brand and likely the cash cow. But Map Boga Adiperkasa also includes a bakery chain, a ice cream chain, a pizza chain, a sushi chain and whatnot.

Nadine Freischlad

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