If 2020 was the year in which a worldwide pandemic tipped the scales in favour of online learning, 2021 sealed the deal. Indian edtechs raised US$6 billion in funding and took every type of activity—from coding to MBA classes and even elocution lessons—online. There are also clear and focused signals arising from Southeast Asia, where edtech companies like Ruangguru and Zenius have their eye on a younger, school-going population.

Across both regions, though, there was the common pain of shut schools and excruciating learning gaps, because online learning wasn’t an equal experience for everyone. Now, schools are willing to open up and children are itching to head back, but a fresh wave of Covid infections might lead to a third year of pandemic learning.

For our 2021 year-ender podcast on edtech, Olina Banerji from India and Yunindita Prasidya from Indonesia speak to host Jaideep Vaidya about which edtech business models are booming, where governments want to intervene, and how learning has changed, likely forever.

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