When we started out in 2021, there were some obvious, expected, ‘that’s bound to happen’ IPOs and exits. Think Grab in Southeast Asia or Flipkart in India and you’ll know what we mean. These companies were ripe for an IPO—their paperwork was all in order, news was keeping up with them (for at least a couple of years, if not more), and their investors were just waiting for the bell to ring.

And then 2021 happened. A year when a lot more companies than the big names got their investors and founders hefty exits, be it Nykaa in India or Bukalapak in Indonesia. How did it all go down?

Listen to this freewheeling discussion between The Ken’s reporters Ka Kay Lum in Malaysia and Seetharaman in India, hosted by desk editor Durga M Sengupta, on 2021 and the exits 2022 can bring.

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