Consider this. City life has worn you down, and you need a break. A vacation seems like a good idea. Bags packed, you head for the hills. Unfortunately, somewhere outside the city limits, your mobile data starts to falter. And then, it stops working altogether. Seamless network coverage is restricted to ads, it seems.

Now, you’re in the middle of nowhere, and you can no longer navigate to your destination. Resigned to your fate, you stop at a chai stall to gather your bearings. While sipping your tea, you notice a sign on the wall.


Shashidhar KJ

Shashidhar has been a journalist for over six years and has worked with The Times of India, The Financial Express and MediaNama, his last assignment. He is a fine bloke, and by that, I mean unusually quiet. Over the years, Shashidhar has written on several subjects. Banking, startups and technology, media, and also financial technology. He started his career on the desk at the old lady of Boribunder. At The Ken, Shashidhar works out of Mumbai and writes on telecom and financial technology. What he really wants to talk about though is his vinyl collection.

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