By now, a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, doctors have an idea of what to expect. Viral pneumonia. Blood clots. Long-Covid Long-Covid The Ken The hidden, second epidemic of ‘Long Covid’ Read more . But there’s a second-order effect that has been quietly and insidiously slipping through the cracks, hidden amidst countless such cases brought to the hospital—liver injuries. 

The increasingly unfettered, over-the-counter (OTC) consumption of “immunity boosting” ayurvedic herbs as a safeguard against Covid is taking its toll on the liver, the organ that’s basically a processing plant for the body’s toxins. 


Maitri Porecha

Maitri writes about everything health for The Ken. For close to 10 years now, she has navigated hospital corridors in her search for a good story. In a past life, when she was not a journalist, she used to teach French at her neighbourhood school. Also an avid fan of forensics, she is always up for decoding mysteries in her free time.

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