First, the helpers came to take the washing machines away from the hostels. Things were changing at the Indian Institute of Management in Tiruchirappalli (IIM-T).

Then, there was a series of arbitrary diktats that drastically altered the way IIM-T is governed, claims a recent graduate, requesting anonymity as they didn’t want to publicly speak against the institute. “It’s not about the washing machines. It was the way decisions were being taken.”

The directorship of the institute had just changed hands in 2017, from the founding director Prafulla Agnihotri to a newcomer in the IIM system, Bhimaraya Metri.


Olina Banerji

Based in Delhi, Olina writes about mega-trends in urban mobility, education, skilling and the environment, with a focus on how institutions and innovations can help cities grow sustainably. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics, and has worked previously with India Today and global non-profit Ashoka.

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