Question: Can India shift entirely to sustainable energy? The short answer is yes. The long answer is what you’re here for.

The brilliant British physicist, mathematician and renewable energy advocate David MacKay has an excellent book called Sustainable Energy—Without the Hot Air (from which a significant chunk of the philosophy has been derived). Which is just what India needs right now. But (surprise!) in the run-up to the ongoing general elections, both major national parties’ manifestos have been sorely lacking in terms of a plan for India’s energy policy.


Vivek Aithal

Vivek is an aerospace engineer from IIT Kharagpur (on paper) and programmer by trade with 2+ years in ride-hailing (Ola, Gojek), and a short stint at a medical imaging startup. He's a serial hackathon-er, data-viz buff and believes deep learning is a silver bullet for humanity's problems. He can often be found catching up on late night political comedy, or dreaming about his next wall-art mission.

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