Entrepreneurship is being encouraged today throughout institutions, across the ranks. But we know it is a messy process, particularly in commercial enterprises. So when Stayzilla co-founder Yogendra “Yogi” Vasupal was arrested by Chennai Police earlier this year, it took the entire startup community by shock, consternation, and eventually, a furore erupted. Vasupal was accused of cheating Aditya CS, proprietor of Jigsaw Advertising of Rs 1.69 crore. Here, it seemed, was an entrepreneur being persecuted for not paying his bills on time—an obviously civil dispute being turned into a criminal case at the behest of the aggrieved party.


Alok Prasanna Kumar

Alok is an advocate currently based in Bengaluru. He has previously worked as lawyer in the Supreme Court, from the chambers of Mohan Parasaran. He has also been a Senior Resident Fellow at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy and assisted the Law Commission of India in preparing its 253rd Report.

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