I left my home in Santacruz West, a suburb of Bombay, in 1976. The anticipation of moving to Kerala did not diminish the pangs of saying goodbye to the only home I had known. For my mother, who had moved to Bombay with my father, this would be a homecoming. For me, it would be a series of temporary spaces till I found a place to call home again.

Three years later, I returned to study creative writing at Sophia’s College in South Bombay. In the years I was away, I had carried a mental map of home and the immediate neighbourhood with me: Main Avenue and its arterial side lanes; Khar, where my old lending library stood; Bandra, with its shops and theatres; Juhu, where we spent summers on the beach.


Lathika George

Lathika George is a landscape designer, environmentalist and organic gardener. She is the author of The Kerala Kitchen, published in India as The Suriani Kitchen, and Mother Earth, Sister Seed: Travels to India’s Farmlands. She writes on food, design, travel, gardening and the environment for various magazines and publications.

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