On 14 October, when hackers breached the database of online grocer Bigbasket, it set off a chain of events that other startups have become only too familiar with over the past year.

As in the case of platforms such as concierge service Dunzo and edtech unicorn Unacademy, the breach was not brought to light by government agencies or established private cybersecurity companies. Instead, it came from a two-year-old cyber threat intelligence firm, Cyble.

The company, headquartered in Georgia, USA, has a simple modus operandi. First, it notifies the victim. In Bigbasket’s Bigbasket’s The Ken How did a bunch of 1999-vintage retail veterans become the largest players in India’s most lucrative e-commerce space, groceries?


Pratap Vikram Singh

Pratap is based out of Delhi and covers policy and myriad intersections with the other sectors, most notably technology. He has worked with Governance Now for seven years, reporting on technology, telecom policy, and the social sector.

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