When Ankur Dewani lost almost 80% of his chips, and his best out of five cards were a pair of fives, one of the lowest ranking sequences in poker, he thought the game would be difficult to win. And rightly so, because his opponent had been betting aggressively.

Dewani was at a poker tournament, last year, at a casino in Goa. And the last card, which is called river, had been revealed. Poker, which typically involves two cards given to each player and five community cards that are revealed to all, requires players to come up with the best possible sequence of five cards by matching their cards with the community cards.


Moulishree Srivastava

Moulishree has over five years of experience in journalism. In her previous assignment, she was a Principal Correspondent for Business Standard where she wrote on technology and telecom. Prior to Business Standard, she was at Mint, where she wrote on various subjects — tourism, hospitality, real estate, science, cyber security and technology. Moulishree graduated as an engineer in Information Technology from Chandigarh Engineering College. She worked as a software engineer briefly but then took a detour and got her journalism degree from IIJNM, Bangalore. She will be based in Bangalore and you can reach her at her [email protected]

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