India’s economy has faced three big blows over the last decade. First, the global financial crisis of 2008, which saw the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate collapse to 3.9%—the lowest growth rate since 1991. Then, in November 2016, India saw demonetisation demonetisation Demonetisation On 8 November 2016, 86% of Indian currency was deemed illegal by Prime Minister Narendra Modi , the economic impact of which has been likened by some experts to 86% blood 86% blood The Hindu Business Line The economic implications of demonetisation are many and yield mixed results Read more being changed in the human body.


Ritika Mankar

Ritika Mankar is one of India’s leading economists known best for unearthing macro themes with meaningful investment implications. She was a director with Ambit Capital and now consults with Ambit as a Thematic Specialist. She also serves as a director on the India CFA Society Board.

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