Could I have seen the adverts?

“You could have, you could have,” says Hitesh Chawla.

What are those brands, if you could name them?

In his dimly lit glass cabin on the third floor of a mall in Gurugram, Chawla, co-founder of SilverPush, a company which sells technology solutions to target consumers with ads across television and digital media, hesitates slightly. “I am not sure if I should share names.”

“I can tell you one,” he then continues. “They were a large e-commerce company called


Virat Markandeya

Virat Markandeya is an independent journalist based in Delhi. He has written on science and technology for publications like IEEE Spectrum, Nautilus and the Nature Publishing Group. He is most inspired while hearing the clangs of history in academic papers. His motto is Pauca Sed Matura and he tweets at @viratmarkandeya.

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