From watching your favourite YouTube video to emailing a friend, the internet is made possible by a massive network of underwater cables. 1.2 million kilometres of submarine fibre-optic cables, to be precise, which ferry data around the world.

Now, imagine electricity being similarly shipped across continents. Surplus energy produced in one country could be bought and consumed in another nation thousands of kilometres away. The world, or at least parts of it, would be powered by one supergrid.

If data is the new oil, electricity could be the new data.

That is the idea behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s One Sun, One World, One Grid (OSOWOG) project.


Seetharaman G

Starting out as a business journalist in 2008, Seetharaman has written about energy, climate change, retail, banking, and technology. He has worked with Business Today, a fortnightly, and the Sunday edition of The Economic Times.

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