UPDATE: Another one bites the dust

By deciding to make a list of essential diagnostics, the big daddies of Indian health policymaking have taken the first step towards a milestone. The National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) was just a list before it set the price of hundreds of medicines. Last year, the list grew to include medical devices—cardiac stents and knee implants. On 12 March, the Health Ministry and NITI Aayog consulted to create another list of essential diagnostics.

What comes next is anyone’s guess.

After three months of discussions, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has convinced the health ministry to make certain diagnostics affordable.


Ruhi Kandhari

Ruhi writes on the impact of healthcare policies, trends in the healthcare sector and developments on the implementation of Electronic Health Records in India. She has an M. Sc. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics.

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