The number of Covid-19 cases in India has crossed the 40,000 mark. By the week’s end, it is expected to cross 50,000. Already, 1,389 people are reported to have died from the virus. Yet, even as India eases up on its five-week nationwide lockdown, the country is still desperately short of potentially life-saving equipment in the fight against the virus—ventilators.

According to projections from PD Vaghela, secretary of the department of pharmaceuticals, India requires at least 75,000 ventilators. Vaghela, who is leading a group tasked with procuring medical equipment for the government, says India has fewer than 20,000.


Shreedhar Manek

Based in Bangalore, Shreedhar is a Staff Writer for The Ken. He writes on technology, education, human resources and urban mobility. He has a BTech in Computer Science and an MS in Urban Sociology from IIIT Hyderabad.

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