Part 1 of the Ashoka University story was about the enterprise of higher education, and what Ashoka’s doing differently from its peers. Part 2 breaks down how. Read Part I here.

“Is toothpaste solid or liquid? When you squish it, it flows. On the brush, it holds shape like a solid. What are all the states of matter that lie in between? This is how I explore the field of soft condensed matter physics with my class. Materials are a disruptive area of research, but largely ignored by traditional undergraduate courses in physics,” says Gautam Menon, a professor at Ashoka, India’s first private liberal arts university.


Olina Banerji

Based in Delhi, Olina writes about mega-trends in urban mobility, education, skilling and the environment, with a focus on how institutions and innovations can help cities grow sustainably. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics, and has worked previously with India Today and global non-profit Ashoka.

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