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Tiger, not Toger


We’ll be the first ones to say this. Mistakes in stories suck. More when readers point it out. We are indebted to a lot of you; you’ve been patient with us and pointed out errors; Hey Tiger is Tiger, not Toger. Guys, you might want to check the spelling of advertiesement. It is wrong in a couple of places. Hey, that paragraph shows up twice in the copy. Jesus! Thank you guys. Needless to say, this needs fixing. So, we have hired the right person for the job.

Shruti Garodia joins us as copy editor. In her last full time role, Shruti managed content initiatives at Happy Marketer, a digital marketing agency in Bengaluru. She also spent some time as content manager at Urban Ladder. Before that, she spent about four years as digital content editor at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).com in Mumbai. Shruti has over six years of copy editing experience. She is a graduate from Boston University’s College of Communication, with an undergraduate degree from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Shruti will be based in Bengaluru and can be reached at first

We are chuffed to have her on board and yes, here’s hoping we will make fewer mistakes.

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