"What’s worth $2 trillion, is illegal in many countries, and doesn’t exist anywhere outside the internet?
The name's crypto."

Everyone’s trying to understand crypto.
Few truly do.
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Falling Coins

Crypto has more than 300 million investors.

Only a handful truly understand what they're investing in.

Contradictions of The Indian Government

Crypto has infiltrated IPL too.

But the heavy disclaimer about its legality has accompanied it.

Contradictions of The Indian Government
Cartoon Monkeys

Why are people paying millions for pictures of cartoon apes?

Jaspreet isn't one of them. But he explains their behaviour every week. And 20,000+ subscribers love reading it.

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Jaspreet Kalra

Jaspreet is our resident banking, financial technology and digital assets expert. He is a graduate of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Jaspreet has previously worked with CoinDesk and Bank Automation News.