Since its entry into India in 2014, Amazon has known and conquered its biggest competitor Flipkart, to become India’s number one e-commerce seller. But since its victory a few years ago, leaders in exploding sectors like edtech, epharmacy and food delivery have become formidable giants. With this influx of new rivals, including Reliance and regulators, Amazon is well into its new strategy to face its new reality.

Story originally reported by Seetharaman G.

Second segment: The Matrix

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This week, it’s 3x3x2.

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Rahul Matthan, co-founder and partner of Trilegal, one of India’s leading law firms joins Praveen Krishnan and Rohin Dharmakumar from The Ken to discuss & answer the following: (a) Does India need more NUEs? (b) Is Google’s FLoC a better alternative to Cookies? (c) Can India trace a few without surveilling all?

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Host: Anushka Chhikara
Segment 1 Guests: Seetharaman G, Maitri Porecha, Olina Banerji, Pranav Balan, Praveen Krishnan
Segment 2 Guests: Rahul Matthan, Rohin Dharmakumar, Praveen Krishnan

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