In today’s world, where there’s a need, there’s an app. With the onset of the pandemic, many Indians have been struggling to make ends meet, and the demand for credit has skyrocketed. While a plethora of banks and fintech startups exist for just this, opportunistic loan sharks also prowl these waters, looking to prey on vulnerable and desperate borrowers. Over the course of the past year, hundreds of predatory loan apps sprung into existence, offering quick and simple credit to those who seek it. But there’s a catch. What may seem like a simple and inexpensive mode of credit, might end up costing users far more than they signed up for. Sometimes even their lives.
Originally reported by Arundhati Ramanathan for The Ken. Hosted by Anushka Chhikara and Olina Banerji. Music and editing by Sameer Rahat from Baqsa Studios.