Raw Pressery started a few years ago to solve a niche problem—to provide fresh juices to elite, urban India. And within that niche, it found roaring success. It even saw a valuation of Rs 500 crore in 2020. Then why did it get acquired by Wingreens for 1/5th that price in 2021? What went wrong?

In the second segment, we are joined by special guest Nitin Pai as we discuss India’s aatmanirbhar digital strategy and the current state of the vaccine rollout.

The story is originally reported by Bhumika Khatri. Consumer inputs from Abhinav Chhikara, Durga M Sengupta, and Maitri Porecha.
Guest panel: Nitin Pai, Rohin Dharmakumar, Praveen Gopal Krishnan, and Olina Banerji.
Hosted by Anushka Chhikara and Olina Banerji. Music and editing by Sameer Rahat from Baqsa Studios.