Remember those neighbourhood aunties with their side-hustle of selling women’s apparel to their social circle? E-commerce company Meesho built a tech-layer over that and has risen to dominance in India’s tier-2 and below cities. The multi-million dollar industry known as social commerce is set to grow to twice the size of all e-commerce in India, and Flipkart wants to get in on the action. The giant is sending its own fleet to fight for what Meesho has, and then some. It’s a battle for dominance and we’re taking you right to the centre of the action. Story originally reported by Bhumika Khatri and Pranav Balakrishnan. Guests: Lakshmi and Prakash, resellers on Meesho. Translation assistance: Smrithi Shetty, Renu Chhikara. Music and editing by Sameer Rahat of Baqsa Studios. Share your feedback with us on [email protected]