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It is day three of our special week, and finally, my turn to walk you through what we wrote about tech.

Gone are the days when technology was a matter of choice. A good-to-have, good-to-know stuff. What we call technology today has morphed into an invisible force that binds our lives, and everything in it. Not that we live in a sci-fi world with talking AI holograms, robo-helpers and hovering cars, though that day may not be very far, yet technology is akin to utility today.

It’s also more open and political. Look at open source. It has let all those startups create new applications and build businesses. Even technology giants are opening up a part of their infrastructure. While one can find software developers in every nook and corner, software products of any world or critical acclaim are few and far between. If you look at high-performance computing, there’s next to nothing to write home about.

Whether we get there or not, tech-driven everyday services are trickling in. Which is why we see tech policy becoming central to the government’s overall policy making. Aadhaar, UPI, Digital India, cashless India…the list has an addition almost every day. Amidst all this, as data becomes the most valuable by-product, security and privacy remain steeped in policy muddle. For a country going digital, there are mysterious ways in which these issues are being handled by the government. Fair to say, technology has become that one giant web we all are entangled in.

And in all probability, 2017 is going to see more of all this! 

  •  Whether you use govt apps or not, this story gives you a peek into its mega mission of appi-fying every service.
  • You do not want to miss this one. How a set of algorithms have broken barriers in high-end computing, and with no change in hardware.
  • The one-sided relationship between Indian startups and open source community.
  • Isro finally opens its treasure trove of technology for startups and big companies for large-scale commercialisation.
  • As tech and telecom companies vie to offer public Wi-Fi, a whole new world is discovering free internet.

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