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Slightly over 2 months after we published our first story on our hurriedly put together blog, we’re finally live. Starting today, we switch off what we internally called an “alpha” or “beta” mode (designed to give you readers a sense of what we were offering, and to get your feedback to it).

Which means we will now publish one original story every morning, which you will have in your inbox before you reach office. And as we’d said earlier, we’re a subscribers-only site so we’re counting on your support & subscriptions to power us. So please consider subscribing to our annual plan if you like our journalism. Alas we do not have monthly subscriptions for India right now, largely due to complexities around recurring billing. But we’re working very hard to change that and you should hear from us shortly.

We’re also thrilled to note that due to our partnership with Paytm, we’re able to offer a free subscription plan too, albeit one that only allows you to read one free article every week. We think we’re on to something really interesting here – a powerful brand underwriting the cost of a journalism for a wider audience. Expect more innovation along these lines too from us.

We’re starting The Ken in an environment where some sort of bubble or disruption is always round the corner; business culture is rapidly evolving, while people’s trust in media is fast eroding.

For most of us, if the past three decades have been about adaptation and response to the pace of science and technology, the next few decades will be about the ensuing social transformation and if businesses are built – or not built – around these in a transparent and sustainable manner. We wish to be out there to chronicle some of those for you.

That in essence is the idea of The Ken. We are a new, digital, subscription-driven publication. We write sharp, original, well written stories on technology, business, science and healthcare. One story. Every day.

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