The Ken writes sharp, original and analytical business stories that help intelligent readers make sense of tomorrow.

The Ken was born out the realization that mainstream technology and business “news” is broken because it has refused to evolve, even as its readers have.

Intelligent readers today often find business news shallow at best (because it must cater to vast volumes demanded by advertisers) or biased at worst. They are also overwhelmed by the deluge of undifferentiated, commoditized news all around.

We understand this, which is why we choose to sacrifice quantity for quality. We will publish only one story every day, because we know quality reporting and storytelling takes time to produce or read. We will remain focused on only a few sectors – technology, startups, science, healthcare and business. And our stories will almost always have three qualifying elements – deep reporting, analytical rigour and great narrative.

And we promise – we will strive to remain unbiased, ethical and transparent. Our primary allegiance will always be to our readers.

But we can’t do all of this by giving away our journalism for free and selling our readers by the thousands to advertisers. We need our readers to value and support us through subscriptions.

Our free subscription plan

Our Starter Subscription allows you to sample our journalism before you decide to become a paid subscriber. Each of our original stories is deeply reported, analytical and well-narrated – because we value your intelligence and time.

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