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A certified Chartered Accountant, Anand chose to pack the power of numbers with words when he left a career of seven years in accounting, putting together MIS reports, and investment research to enter journalism. Before joining The Ken, Anand was Deputy Editor at The Hindu BusinessLine, a newspaper he worked at for 11 years.

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Irrational exuberance in Happiest Minds

While we prefer to speak to sources who are willing to go on record, that is not always possible in journalism. Sometimes, the sources we speak to may not always be official spokespersons.But they have insights and inputs that add value to the story. They speak in their capacity as subject matter experts, and not as representatives of their organisations. In this, they do not violate their employment contracts but do not want to be named. We respect that.

Anand Kalyanaraman

The curious case of Prabhat Dairy’s difficult delisting

Thanks for the comment. There can be different aspects to a story. The one we thought is more important to highlight is the company's dilly-dallying, the regulatory action that has hurt more than it has helped shareholders, and the uncertainty that remains even after SAT has delinked the delisting from the forensic audit. Please do share your thoughts on the role of PE in the saga. Will try to use them in a future story.

Anand Kalyanaraman

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