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Arundhati is Bengaluru-based. She is interested in how people use money in the digital age and how new economies will take shape based on that interaction. She has spent over 10 years reporting and writing on various subjects. Previous stints were at Mint, Outlook Business and Reuters.

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Yes Bank's collapse exposes Indian fintech's shoddy plumbing

Vybhav, the story goes where the reporting takes us, like any news story. It is good journalism practice to say We couldn't verify it independently. Meaning I could not visit their data centers to see if this is true, but instead relied on sourcing. We analyse the motives of the sources when they share something and also test it for logical consistency before publishing it. Also, we have given the company the chance to respond. So there is no question of us doing willful damage to the reputation of the company.

Arundhati Ramanathan

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