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Arundhati Ramanathan

Deputy Editor • India Edition

Arundhati is interested in how people use money in the digital age and how new economies will take shape based on that interaction. She writes the newsletter Ka-Ching! every Monday. She lives in Bengaluru and has spent over 12 years reporting and writing on various subjects.

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A $4.7B exit wound: why Prosus pulled the plug on buying BillDesk

Thanks Sweatha and Shreedhar for your feedback. Writing about M&As and deals need a lot of context. Plus Prosus is an entity that few know about. Without context, just writing distilled insights alone wont make sense to someone who is not clued into these developments. As you maybe aware, as a publication we have to straddle reading interests of someone who is landing on this issue for the first time along with that of a long time TK reader. That said, I know there is always room for improvement so, point taken :)

Arundhati Ramanathan

NPCI’s UPI-RuPay credit card makes banks wary

Hello Nikita, thanks for reading. 1. banks spend at least Rs 3,000-Rs 5,000 on CAC. So while I wont venture a number at what level they become unit eco positive, they need above average spends on this. So think more mid-premium cards. 2. I'm not saying this is a loss-making portfolio, it just doesn't make as much money as the rest. I'm not sure if physical form factor is needed because QR acceptance is nearly ubiquitous. Unless physical card is for some metal show-off value. 3. We should remember that, NPCI will only allow small merchants to not pay MDR. Today most transactions are on large merchants, so they'll continue to pay MDR even on transactions less than Rs 2,000, as they do on any CC today. 4. It's 32%, we rounded it to 30% in the article, and said 'about' for better readability. Hope this helps.

Arundhati Ramanathan

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