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Jaspreet covers banking, financial technology and digital assets. He is a graduate of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Jaspreet has previously worked with CoinDesk and Bank Automation News. When unoccupied with work, he can be found pretending to read hardbacks while listening to stand-up specials.

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Kogta, SK Finance's contrarian bet on used commercial vehicle finance

Hi, Ramraj. Sorry to hear you were disappointed by the story. Just wanted to clarify though that I am not saying Kogta and SK have reached the moon in any way but rather they felt worth looking into because they've grown by concentrating heavily on the used CV business — especially light and medium vehicles, as opposed to Shriram's focus on heavier vehicles. I completely agree with your point about scaling being the big challenge here and which is why the story notes that growing beyond home turf will be the challenge to beat for Kogta and SK. The reason I picked these two as an entry point was simply because they have a good growth rate and are concentrated on the used CV business as opposed to someone like a Mahindra which I was also needs to balance the demands of an OEM business alongside financing, as opposed to pure-play lenders. Either way, I agree with some of your critiques and can certainly expand the coverage horizon when I look into this vertical again.

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