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Munsif keeps a tab on what Big Tech has been up to in India and all things OTT. He was with Reuters previously, where he wrote investigative pieces on Facebook’s content moderation operations and WhatsApp’s troubles in the run-up to India’s national elections. If you want to talk to Munsif about journalism, tech policy or his love for seekh kebabs, write to him at his first name

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The cracks in ShareChat, Moj’s content moderation machine

Hi Subramanian, The example quoted in the article was never presented as fake news. Nor is that how the directive to moderators was issued. The issue was not fake news but that it was "against Modi". Similarly in the other example, what was clearly meant as a joke was ordered to be removed despite it being par for the course when it comes to political humour these days. The article also isn't about the suppressing of information. It is about how a $2.1 billion-valued company has a content moderation system that is, at best, below industry standards, and at worst, prone to arbitrary and partisan decisions.

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