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Patanjali Pahwa

Staff Writer, The Ken

Patanjali has spent over seven years in journalism. He last worked at Business Standard as Principal Correspondent, where he wrote on startups, e-commerce companies and venture capital. He has worked at an array of institutions, which include Forbes India, Caravan and Outlook Business. He is a Mumbaikar, born and brought up. Patanjali did his BSc in IT from Mumbai University and then got his journalism degree from IIJNM in Bangalore. He is enamoured by Ernest Hemingway and Tom Waits and may try to sneak in references to them in his stories.

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Barely live Just Buy Live: B2B e-commerce leader collapses

Dear Bhuvan, Thank you for reading and writing in. Also, I am sorry you feel this was a letdown. I'll try to address your questions as briefly as I can. Point one: JBL. You have answered your own question. He knew his dhanda. Not the new one he was trying to do. He supplied JBL speakers to retailers. Do you see small kirana stores stocking JBL speakers? The market he was targeting was brand new. The credit system was different. The way goods move is different. The price of sound systems aren't as dynamic. It is really isn't the same business. Similar but not the same. So, he did had a steep learning curve here. Point two: You take cabs? Ola or Uber. You may pick Ola consistently. That's the first app you check. But you peek into the other ones just to see if there is a better price. That's your loyalty. You may be loyal to Ola but you check the price. Now, if I started a new ride-hailing company, Pat cabs. Will you download and furiously transact? You won't, you want to know if I am legit. That's brand creation. You have taken two different points at different stages of JBL's lifecycle and tried to conflate it, and have come up with a contradiction. Again, thank you for writing in. If you like, we could talk about this over email, I am at first [email protected]

Patanjali Pahwa The Ken, Staff Writer

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