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Prajakta, who leads the three-member design team at The Ken loves making infographics. She is always on a hunt for data-driven business stories and meaningfully designed visualizations. Prior to The Ken, she has spent 6 years at Mint visualizing infographics for the daily.

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Apollo 24|7, PharmEasy, and the valuation game of ‘Who will blink first’

Hi Kardam, Migraine is exactly what I got when looking at the data or when Seema was looking for the numbers. I wanted to portray the complexity of the companies in my visualisation, hence the chart. I designed it like I would design a game where the reader would have to be involved in looking for data and making sense of it. I guess the idea didn't work. Thank you for your feedback. I'll make sure we do better next time. :)

Prajakta Patil

Southeast Asia's oddball app behaviour

Hi Ratheejit, Happy to know that you found the post very lucid. I hope the following points help you with your queries: 1. In-app purchases would refer to revenue that flows through the app stores. It would not include other revenue generators like the official website, for example. 2. The data pertaining to Southeast Asia does not include India, primarily because the regional trends vary. Coming to your other point, we did analyse region specific trends for video app downloads and spending, but it did reveal much other than what the broad data already says, which is why we did not include it in our data visualisation.

Prajakta Patil

Taking stock of Indian e-commerce's vital stats during Covid

Hi Soumalya, I agree that the pure play e-grocers have an advantage over other e-commerce players, but this did not translate into revenue because they were logistically unprepared to cater to a high surge in demand. We've done a detailed story on this, here's the link: About your question on price increase, I think the data provides limited evidence to suggest either causation or correlation, especially in these exceptional times.

Prajakta Patil

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