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Ola Foods ready for a cook off over cloud kitchens

Hi Jignesh, I don't have the numbers for the unit economics of different categories but the marginal cost difference is between the rent and the commission paid to platforms like I mentioned in the article. In one of our previous stories (pre-covid) the author said that the the rent would only come to around 10% of total sales for popular QSR chains, while the commission paid for each order is around 20%. With lower sales on dine-outs the fixed cost will be way higher than 10% now. Link: Also, here is a report on Jubliant Foodworks that might give you some insight on the pizza category: Hope this helps.

Pranav Balakrishnan

When in a pandemic, sell hygiene

Hi Sukanto, There are two reasons why private inspection would be better than government level inspection. One is that the ratio of the number of auditors to the number of people who eat out in India is very less. The government will have to do some upfront investments to get these offices and auditors up and running. Right now, the government's finances are stretched and there are other areas where they would want to put their attention and money into. Second thing, the likelihood of corruption is higher when a government employee audits over a private firm (I am not talking about restaurant audits in particular). Plus, it will be difficult to take action against a government employee if he is found to have accepted bribes. Whereas the FSSAI has complete power to terminate the licence given to private audit firms if the firm or any of its employee is found to have not done its work properly. Hope this helps.

Pranav Balakrishnan

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