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Ruhi writes on the impact of healthcare policies, trends in the healthcare sector and developments on the implementation of Electronic Health Records in India. She has an M. Sc. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics.

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A trust deficit at Tata Trusts

Thanks for your comment, Shobhit. 1) No. The question of legal dispute arose only when the I-T department cancelled Tata Trusts' registration in 2019. No lawyers were hired before that 2) The story is not making a value judgement on what the Tata Trusts should do and what they should not do or what is a better kind of philanthropy. That conclusion is possible only if an auditing body does impact assessment of their initiatives and shares the results. Tata Trusts' annual reports are indicative at best 3) I disagree with you on this, Shobhit. A journalist (and The Ken does) critically comment on business models of companies or the approach of a not-for-profit even if there is no corruption involved. The objective is to tell a critical story substantiated with evidence. Not every critical story can be about corruption and not every story about corruption may be critical 4) The link between Tata Sons and Tata Trusts was beyond the scope of this story

Ruhi Kandhari

KKR's divide-and-rule vision for Max after Radiant merger

Dinker, we did reach out to Max Healthcare officially with questions and also asked for Mr Analjit Singh's contact details to get his point of view. Neither did Max Healthcare respond to that email nor did they share the promoter Singh's contact details with The Ken. Further, the story was not based on a single source, it was based on multiple sources, who are not authorised to talk to the media, all of whom verified every information used in this story.

Ruhi Kandhari

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