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Starting out as a business journalist in 2008, Seetharaman has written about energy, climate change, retail, banking, and technology. He has worked with Business Today, a fortnightly, and the Sunday edition of The Economic Times.

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To eat IPO cake, Zomato needs to expand its menu

Hey, Aditya, we understand the limitations of comparing companies across geographies. That's true of any sector. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't. Especially when you don't have any listed players to benchmark the company against in the domestic market. And as for the IPO itself, the pandemic changed the status quo drastically for foodtech companies. So from Zomato's POV, it's partly about trying to cash in on the boom before the tide turns and partly about capitalising on its improving unit economics.

Seetharaman G

Walmart’s cost focus versus Flipkart’s US$50 billion IPO dreams

Thanks, Srikanth. 1. No, we have taken Alibaba's entire revenue. Cloud computing is less than a tenth of Alibaba's e-commerce business by revenue. If we excluded that, we would only have EBITDA and not PAT. And anyway, Flipkart itself is not just e-commerce, it has PhonePe. 2. I guess it's a matter of semantics. These companies may be registered elsewhere or have foreign investors, but they were founded here and still have the majority of their operations here. 3. PolicyBazaar has said it will consider dual listing if India allows it. And there are reports that Zomato is also considering India. It's not easy for companies registered in India to list abroad.

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