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Starting out as a business journalist in 2008, Seetharaman has written about energy, climate change, retail, banking, and technology. He has worked with Business Today, a fortnightly, and the Sunday edition of The Economic Times.

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India’s market dominance contagion

No, Mahesh, we are certainly not arguing against Indian companies gaining scale. But there is a downside to a single company being the dominant player in multiple sectors. This is the reason why both the US and EU are worried about Big Tech. And it's not a question of Indian vs foreign. It's simply about there being a level playing field for enough competition, whose absence has been made possible by our government and regulators in sectors like retail, telecom and payments.

Seetharaman G

The Chinese eclipse over India, Adani’s solar manufacturing dreams

Thanks, Vijay.Yes, I think India will find it impossible to match China's scale. While India will be able to make enough cells and modules to meet its requirements, it cannot make them at a cost competitive with China's because of the latter's scale. That's why they need all the help they can get from the government. As for your second question, it's not excessive and it only includes cell and module manufacturing, not silicon or wafer.

Seetharaman G

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