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Shashidhar has been a journalist for over six years and has worked with The Times of India, The Financial Express and MediaNama, his last assignment. He is a fine bloke, and by that, I mean unusually quiet. Over the years, Shashidhar has written on several subjects. Banking, startups and technology, media, and also financial technology. He started his career on the desk at the old lady of Boribunder. At The Ken, Shashidhar works out of Mumbai and writes on telecom and financial technology. What he really wants to talk about though is his vinyl collection.

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T-Series and the splitting of YouTube rankings

It's worth taking a step back and see how content from India might change if they account the CPMs. Indian creators will try to cater to more global audiences with their content to make sure they get viewed overseas. That's why cooking channels and tech channels do well. For example: Rajshri Entertainment has a cooking/recipes channel called Get Curried. They recently started a series which similar to a channel called Binging with Babish, where they make food depicted in films and TV shows. Get Curried is trying to do something similar. I hope you get my drift here.

Shashidhar KJ

The post-spectrum phase of Indian telecom

Hi Praveen. On questions 5 and 6, I think we reported on this. MVNOs are a non-starter. Too little, too late. On question 6, we reported that Airtel has more than 20 million monthly active users and it's growing for Airtel TV. Regarding question 2, I don't know how BSNL and MTNL can even compete at the moment. They still haven't rolled out 4G and gave up spectrum which could help them launch these services. They've been steadily losing subscribers since years and months. On question 4, they would need 5G spectrum to handle all of those devices, but there are more issues to iron out first. Will get back to you on Question 1 and 3.

Shashidhar KJ

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