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Shruti is a Delhi-based reporter who looks at India's clean energy ecosystem through the lens of the intersection between businesses, policy and environment. She has previously worked with Reuters and Outlook Business.

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Shady operators are manipulating India’s stock market through Twitter

Hi Rohit, thank you for your comment. I am unsure what you mean by the usage of the word inspired, that too in double quotes. I'm sure you know that when news happens, multiple news outlets cover it. All in their own ways, with different focus areas and narratives. We take time to produce a longer, sharper and more insightful takes on news. If you read or plan to read the whole piece, I'm sure you'll find that. Happy reading.

Shruti Sonal

Everyone wants a sustainability leader. No one knows where to find them

Hi Srishty, thanks for your feedback. Just to clarify, the piece doesn't say that the corporates are looking at this concept for the very first time. Sustainability as a buzz word has been around for a while, and as you rightly pointed out, firms with EU ambitions started looking at this earlier than a few others. Yet, as a meaningful job/position with a defined mandate, the role is only now getting traction. As the multiple sources quoted suggest, the scramble is real right now, and not something that started 10 years ago- otherwise the teams would have been filled by now.

Shruti Sonal

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