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Srikanth has been in the payments, e-commerce, and technology industries for over two decades. He has launched and scaled payments businesses both in large organisations and startups. When not questioning status quo in these industries, Srikanth spends time trying to find the correlation between jazz music and quantum physics.

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How Domino’s defied the might of Zomato and Swiggy

Thanks to Domino's strong global brand, expertise in logistics, a simple product easy to mass-produce, and a young, urban TG, it worked and will continue to work. The franchisee only had to focus on locating stores and hiring manpower; most of the other capabilities came prepacked from Domino's. You'll find almost the same experience ordering anywhere in the world. There aren't any such templates in other food categories. Unlike pizzas, every Indian cook believes s/he can make a better biryani or manchurian - but simply doesn't have the time for it. Earning approval and repeat purchase is going to be hard. Jubilant should accept the fact that it's a 1-trick pony, and find ways to stay relevant to an increasingly health-conscious TG - salads and lo-carb pizzas maybe?

Srikanth Rajagopalan

The art and science of making hybrid work work in India

Tough times bring out your most authentic self. Companies that trust their people and share information transparently will be open to remote or hybrid work. Others like Apple with their famous obsession with secrecy will go the other way. Apart from pay, progression, and leadership quality, people now have another vector - flexibility - to evaluate employers. I think this is a big positive for employees, especially those who were forced out of the formal workplace for family reasons - think of highly qualified stay-at-home mothers or caregivers. WFH for white-collar professionals and investments in manufacturing in non-metro locations are two powerful tools to improve the female labour participation rate. To paraphrase Mark Twain, "Never let the office interfere with your work."

Srikanth Rajagopalan

This Covid home-testing gold mine is missing the efficacy ores

Product development in India has always been an iterative, messy affair, especially when it involves hardware. Cheap prices usually come through importing from China or circumventing some regulatory steps. On balance, having an India-developed solution, however messy to start with, is better than letting Chinese apps collect our health data. India's regulators will eventually catch up to ensure quality and transparency. In the long run, cheap DIY home tests will take a massive load off our healthcare system (imagine if I had to go to a doc to check my BP every time!) and get us vast quantities of test data to refine our pandemic-management strategy.

Srikanth Rajagopalan

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