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Vanita Bhatnagar

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Vanita is a lawyer by training and write stories at the intersection of business & public policy, law, regulations and building inclusive workplaces. She has over five years of experience writing, researching and even training others on various aspects of law.

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India’s maternity law needs to stop being an outlier

Thank you so much Ron. There is little data on the correlation between gig work & the female participation rate because it is massively unregulated. However, this study by Observer Research Foundation - ( that gig work also witness similar gendered division as evident in traditional work. To bridge the disparity, the Ministry of Women has suggested gender budgeting. This is a form of planning and budgeting that ensures that policy prescriptions to alleviate inequality are translated into outputs and outcomes by linking them to budgetary allocations. Besides that e-commerce can play a significant role in generating female employment. For instance, online portals such as Mahila-e-haat are expected to benefit around 10,000 self-help groups and 1.25 lakh, women. I believe laws, policies & work done by non-state organizations happen concurrently. Countries like Sweden or Ireland are able to close the gap by having gender agnositic policies in place.

Vanita Bhatnagar

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