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Venkat Ananth

Staff Writer, The Ken

Venkat is currently in his tenth year in journalism. Prior to The Ken, he was Deputy Content Editor at Mint as part of the newspaper’s digital team. He also wrote in-depth features on the business of sport for the newspaper. His earlier assignments include Yahoo! (as a columnist) and the Hindustan Times, where he began his career. Born in Mumbai, Venkat holds a Bachelor of Mass Media (Journalism) degree from SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai and a Master of Arts degree in International Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London. He currently resides in New Delhi, where he moved nearly five years ago.

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Facebook dodges the #DeleteFacebook bullet in its largest market, India

Thanks, Akhil. These (data protection, privacy, consent etc) are issues that deserve urgent attention, and the wider the discourse, the better of course. I mean, its easy to trap ourselves by probing Cambridge Analytica and its work in India, but that's besides the point. Generates decent primetime noise, but beyond that, it remains a 2-day story. People forget about it and move on to something else. I mean, that's how our news cycle really is, but focus on these issues is absolutely imperative.

Venkat Ananth The Ken, Staff Writer

Pressing play, again: The Gaana-Saavn battle 2.0

Thanks for your feedback, Yash. I think Spotify will spend a good year to license music. So anyone expecting them to launch in the next few months, won't happen for now. Ideally look at next year. From the outside at least, Spotify's entry will be interesting to watch. Because at least at a global level, they're known to have the best technology. So one way to look at it is that their entry will force others to look at tech more seriously, if not make it a priority. But let's see how this plays out. I agree with you on the user-friendliness. Saavn is the closest that comes to Spotify in terms of that, to be honest. In terms of payment, again have to wait and watch. They've done exceedingly well with their premium version in the US. Maybe they will tailor their product differently for India in terms of pricing.

Venkat Ananth The Ken, Staff Writer

Content’s perfect storm moment in India

Hi Priyanka. As someone who a) works for a subscription product and b) who subscribes to at least five international newspapers, I think the future of the news business is the subscription model. The ad-based model or the "content" model as its called, I think is okay, but I am also inclined to think, personally, that readers deserve more. And the only way to get them to access quality journalism, in my view, is to get them to pay for it. Everything starts from there. I am personally very bullish on it. But yes, you are right. Uptake might be limited as of now, but I think once more and more news companies start putting their stuff behind a paywall, things might just start taking off. Business Standard was bold enough to start it first, and now ET wants to get on to it, even TOI. Even Moneycontrol. So for now, the win is that the subscription model is at least beginning to be a part of the thinking in these companies. Can it scale up? We have to wait and watch. Also depends on the quality of the respected offerings.

Venkat Ananth The Ken, Staff Writer

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