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Vivek Ananth

Staff Writer, The Ken

After dabbling with an auditing job and then at a software product company, Vivek Ananth has decided to take the plunge into journalism. In his last assignment, Vivek was at Cogencis, a financial newswire. A Chartered Accountant, Vivek completed his post-graduate diploma in journalism from IIJNM Bengaluru in 2016. At The Ken, Vivek will write on the intersection of technology and business.

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SmartOwner and the art of hiding in plain sight

Hey Aditya. So, category 1 and 2 have pass through status, which means whatever the investors earn from the fund will be taxed in their hands as business income. The CAT II AIF has to pay tax on its income that it has earned in the form of fees or other charges. About whether this came up when I spoke to the company, no. I didn't feel the need to ask him because it's pretty apparent what they are trying to do. Their previous agreements with investors had a clause that said they would have to bear the tax burden on whatever money they made. Now it's a more formal structure that they have moved to. That's what the lawyer quoted in the story also explained to me.

Vivek Ananth The Ken, Staff Writer

myGate or yours? Security app could use a leg up

Hey Kanchan. ADDA does have a security app the last I checked. Their solution replaced myGate at Prestige Ferns Residency on Harlur Road in Bengaluru. About the WhatsApp group thing, I tend to agree. But what I find increasingly is that people who have visited buildings as visitors where myGate has been installed, find it quite cool. And some of them say they would love to have the same thing at their building. I am not really sure if that an be used to build a sustainable business in the long run.

Vivek Ananth The Ken, Staff Writer

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